Great Job To all on Field Day

I would like to congratulate all Clubs and Amateur Radio Operators who participated in Field Day. I’ve been reading some of the local postings on successes, but more importantly the failures. I give them a big plus for their findings. I know its a big thing for all the scores but I also think we should recognize all those who found troubles with, set-up, equipment, operation and so on. After all its better to find out now instead of in a real emergency so Thank You and well done.

IF you want to try something interesting next try the Annual 13 Colonies Special Event running from July 1st 9am eastern time (1300 utc) to July 7th midnight eastern time (0400 utc)

As Hurricane season is approaching us there are some of the many nets and organizations worth reading and getting involved in. Lets start with SKYWARN.SKYWARN®, a program of the National Weather Service, includes thousands of volunteer storm spotters who serve as a first line of defense against severe weather. Amateur Radio operators bring to storm spotting great resources; an established communications system that can function in an emergency, a pool of volunteers willing to be trained, a history of public service, and technologies that no other group has. For more information and how to get involved go to or locally the Eastern Mass ARRL.

Hurricane nets are another interesting way of getting involved. During a weather emergency you should listen to the Hurricane Watch Net during the day time on 14.325 MHz USB and at night on 7.268 mhz LSB. And remember the ARRL is a great source if information for all Amateurs.